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H&G believes solutions can be simpler, safer and more cost-effective. We create solutions based on thorough and complete understanding of the challenge itself. Our team understands, simplifies and implements.


H&G is multidisciplinary and independent consultancy company who support clients with emphasis on:  

Solving problems

We have extensive, multidisciplinary experience from the oil and gas sector, which allows for effective problem solving for the client. Whether the problem is small or complex, cross-functional or multidimensional, we will support our clients by identifying customized and effective solutions.


Highlighting value

We are value-focused and therefore always try to identify additional value for clients. We understand the full supply chain within E&P as well as what are different value drivers for companies within the sector. As a result, we want our solutions to optimize client’s decision-making process and create additional value.


Improving efficiency

We believe in simpler, safer and cost-effective solutions. We have supported clients establishing fit-for-purpose organisations, processes and systems, and we can provide adequate assurance to ensure high-quality decisions to avoid changes and recycling.



At H&G, we strongly believe that complex challenges must be solved through a multidisciplinary approach and as a result, we offer integrated delivery.

Our experience is that the solutions which bring most value are based on a solid understanding of all dimensions, including the technical, commercial and organisational aspect of the challenge. A solution that is technically and commercially robust may not suit the organisation (including people, size, competence, structure-wise etc.) leading to value erosion in the implementation phase. We have gathered a team with solid experience from all these areas to provide a fully integrated solution for the client.


With our broad range of competence and experience, we have delivered integrated solutions for clients within all our areas of expertise shown below.

Based on previous experience, we have developed some standardised methods and best practices, which we call HG Way. Our HG Way deliverables will always be tailored to the client’s needs.  Examples of our offerings are listed below.

Decision Based Roadmap

Develop an activity plan that uses internal knowledge to provide solutions effectively. For more information about this offering, see our product sheet. 

Gate Reviews

Our method for Gate Review takes into account experience from a large number of similar work that cover all essential parts of a project in the different phases of development; feasibility, concept select, front end and execution/startup. For more information about this offering, see our product sheet.

Opportunity Framing

Create a clear scope with value drivers, risks and key success factors to secure a wanted business result from an opportunity. For more information about this offering, see our product sheet.

Operator Assessment

An in-depth and to the point assessment of an Operator’s capabilities. For more information about this offering, see our product sheet.

Negotiating Tie-back Agreements

Assist the client with the negotiations of a tie-back agreement between two production licenses. For more information about this offering, see our product sheet.

Merger & Integration

A model and framework that can deliver tailored, cost-effective merger integration solutions to the client. For more information about this offering, see our product sheet.

Option-based Strategy

H&G often meets clients with a clear ambition or strategy; often faced with different options. H&G has a methodology for building an option-based tool for a client to prepare and take ownership of its own strategy.  For more information about this offering, see our product sheet.