We have built a strong track record within the renewables sector, applying the skills we have gained in the oil and gas business in an efficient and scalable manner. 


What can we offer?

Market entry information and support

  • Specialized on Nordic countries and emerging markets

  • Outlining country specific approval procedure and regulatory framework

  • Preparation of market analysis and benchmarks

Pre-financial close support; early planning of:

  • Governance structure and mandate

  • Project control framework establishment

  • Development concept maturation and engineering

  • Decision based roadmaps, planning and scheduling

  • Contracting and Risk Management Strategies

Opportunity Development 

Full scale delivery and management of onshore wind projects

  • Running and administering projects (Owners Management, assuming Project Director role)

  • Efficiently manage all interfaces between key stakeholders (Contractors, Owners and Sponsors)

  • Establish and implement lean project management systems

  • Engineering and construction management

  • Cost control, reporting and schedule follow-up

  • Develop project resourcing model and recruit personnel

Operations readiness and quality assurance

  • Operations readiness preparations and reviews

  • Plan prepare and execute quality assurance programs

Project Management and Delivery

Establishing fit for purpose SPVs

  • Analyse and outline legal frame and structures

  • Support in registering legal entities

  • Prepare operating and organizational models

  • Prepare recruitment planning

  • Facility Management

  • Outline system requirements (IT, Finance, HR, etc.)

Stakeholder and Social Management

  • Provide relevant insight and technical analysis supporting clients in their communication with lenders (Investment Memorandum, CTAs, etc.)

  • Support clients with EIA/ESIA requirements

  • Social Impact assessments and management

Business establishment

  • tronderenergi

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