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The Hustad & Granaas team wishes all our customers and contacts a very prosperous 2022!

Hustad & Granaas is an independent and trusted partner in the energy industry that simplifies complex project challenges for our customers.

We work with all phases of a project, such as planning, developing, execution and operation. We assist our clients to operationalize stakeholder management strategies and implement processes to manage the stakeholders effectively.

We can advise you setting up the right contracting strategy and help you with negotiations.

We structure the finance possibilities and set up effective project controls to ensure project completion on time and within a planned budget.

ESG has its own focus that runs through everything we do as we have strong operational experience in delivering processes and documents that are required by international standards.

We work with all energy-related industries. With our background in oil & gas internationally, we use our operational experience, creativity, flexibility, and knowledge to help our clients navigate through the energy transition with an extensive focus on ESG as a part of the value creation.

Furthermore, it is our pleasure to share with you that we have established a daughter company in Ukraine with a highly experienced team who will contribute to strengthening H&G in our strategic effort.

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