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We are hiring!

Hustad & Granaas AS are seeking highly skilled, ambitious and aspiring team members who are inspired to help deliver value to our clients whilst gaining experience building a new, tailored consultancy to meet the changing needs of the energy industry.

The right candidate must have a strong academic background, broad experience from the energy industry and/or consultancy and an ability to create simple and implementable solutions to complex problems in a fast-paced environment. You will work with tasks that are critical business opportunities for our clients. You will be part of an experienced and diverse team that serves industry leaders in developing their strategic, managerial, technical as well as financial and organisational matters.

We are therefore looking for opportunistic individuals who thrive with individual challenges as well as working in a team.

For more information about the job see our job announcement or reach out to Per-Olaf Hustad via phone +47 952 94 155 or email at

Note that applications by way of cover letter and CV should be sent to:

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