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Hustad & Granaas joins EPIM JQS

Hustad & Granaas is happy to announce to its clients that we are part of EPIM JQS now.

EPIM JQS is a supplier register and a service for qualification used by purchasers in the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, and enables efficient purchasing in accordance with EU regulations, covering most procurement needs. The Service is managed by E&P Information Management (EPIM) on behalf of operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

It is also worth to note that EPIM and Geodata Trade Operator (GTO) have been merged into Norwegian Oil and Gas Association.

H&G kindly invites all the interested parties that use EPIM JQS to check our profile and see the list of services that are offered by H&G.

For more information about EPIM JQS, check

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