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Our Business Consultant at Norwegian-Ukrainian Program

We are glad to share with you that our Business Consultant Doriyush Ubaydi has been selected as one of the participants of Young Entrepreneurs program organized by Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

“Young Entrepreneurs” is a business-educational program which aims to bring together ambitious business-minded Norwegians and Ukrainians with one thing in common: Their passion for increasing investments and trade between Norway and Ukraine. This is an intensive two-week program, which involves various activities (workshops, meetings, group assignments) with key players within private and public sector in both countries.

Doriyush has been placed in energy group, where he, along the group of other ambitious participants will conduct market research for both markets to find specific ideas that can contribute to strengthening trade and business between countries within energy sector.

The first part of the program that takes place in Norway has already started and we are confident that this program will further strengthen Doriyush's knowledge of Ukrainian's energy sector. Also we are certain that his knowledge and experience within energy gained at Hustad & Granaas will contribute to his team's business case.

For more information about the program check NUCC's website -

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