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  • Andreas Ekker

Peter Simmons joins our team

Hustad & Granaas continues to grow our team of resources. Peter is a subject matter expert in oil and gas contracting and procurement (CP) activities. For us, getting Peter Simmons onboard, is a great and important step to internationalisation, as Peter is based out of London. Our first team member out of Norway.

Peter has joined our team as Senior Associate with Contracting and M&A as speciality areas. Peter has a wealth of international experience, strengthening H&G's ability to support clients in the commercial field. As a strategic thinker he has shaped and developed early CP plans for many onshore and offshore projects, including the development of supply chain strategies. He has led and negotiated all forms of final CP contracts and with deep experience in mergers and acquisitions, business development and supplier relationship management will provide the necessary guidance and challenge to your project.

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