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  • Andreas Ekker

H&G celebrated its 2nd anniversary

​On Monday, August 27th H&G celebrated the 2nd anniversary with a reception at our office in Stavanger. We had the pleasure of welcoming more than 50 guests including our clients, partners and business connections.

It was a pleasant evening where our guests heard about our most recent achievements and developments. An important part of this is that we have employed 5 new employees and engaged two new associates, so the total workforce will soon be 11. We now have more capacity and a wider range of competence including within finance and economics.

We had entertainment provided by local artists Britt Synnøve Johansen and Johan Edgetveit, who both impressed everyone.

H&G was delighted to host the anniversary reception and we would like to thank all the guests who came despite their busy schedules during the ONS conference.

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