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H&G welcomes its first business consultant

Hustad & Granaas is pleased to announce its sixth employee – Doriyush Ubaydi, who joined us on August 15.

Doriyush is a recent graduate with strong analytical business skills developed through international work assignments and studies. Doriyush has completed internships in various fields including within finance, project management and business development. His previous responsibilities included assistance with recruitment of executives to attend the conference organized by Former President Clinton, while interning at Clinton Global Initiative in New York. He also has conducted market research to identify new business opportunities for a leading educational non-profit organization in the USA.

Prior to joining Hustad & Granaas, Doriyush was in charge of International Relations at International Business Project - a student-led initiative, where they researched major business opportunities for Norwegian companies in emerging countries, including within oil & gas and renewables.

With his strong international experiences, including speaking several languages and analytical problem-solving skills, Doriyush will assist with turning Hustad & Granaas into a truly global company that will offer its products & services internationally. “I am very happy to join this company and delighted that my on-boarding coincides with ONS conference, because I get the best exposure to oil & gas industry challenges and possible solutions” says Doriyush.

Doriyush, a Tajik national, holds MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Norwegian School of Economics and BA from Macalester College. He will be working out of the H&G Oslo office to be opening on October 1st.

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