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  • Andreas Ekker

H&G is doubling in size

H&G is embarking on a defining 2nd half of 2018. We are in the process of doubling our employee number. The expansion in staff numbers will support our ambition to do more business with increased diversity for existing and new clients.

Hustad & Granaas AS was established in 2016, by the two founders Per-Olaf Hustad and Bernt Granås. Since then we have grown with two additional partners and one senior consultant, serving the energy industry with our operational experience. Our target has always been to build a complete consultancy for the Energy Industry with experience and capabilities to deliver significant impact for our clients.

The exciting news for this autumn is that we are establishing a new business consultant team complementing the partner level in the company. During the autumn we will onboard four recently recruited high capacity and capable consultants. “It’s a privilege to be given the task to lead the new consultancy team in H&G, and with great enthusiasm I am embarking on operationalising the team” says Bjørn Atle Jacobsen, a recent hire with 10 years of operational experience from an oil major. The team is expected to become the engine in most H&G deliveries. The team will raise the international profile of H&G as it represents four nationalities and more than five important business languages. We will present our newcomers on our website as they onboard.

On the delivery side, this puts H&G in a different league when it comes to capacity and capability. We believe we will become more efficient in our existing deliveries and as well having the capacity to do more, bigger and better. The new team will also strengthen our working experience in key fields such as M&A, production planning, drilling and finance. In addition to our nine employees, we have signed associate contracts with two senior, renown experts within subsurface and subsea.

​Over the first two years of history we have used our non-committed time to prepare for growth. We know that our structure is strong enough, ensuring that high quality deliveries remain our top priority also through this time of growth. We are looking forward to embark on new projects with existing and new clients. If you are a potential client, please do not hesitate to contact us. The whole team will be in Stavanger during ONS, please look us up if you got opportunities to discuss.

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