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  • Andreas Ekker

Hustad & Granaas completes Fenja DG3 review

Hustad & Granaas (H&G) has been engaged by VNG Norge to conduct an independent review of the Fenja Project ahead of the upcoming Final Investment Decision. The preparations for the review started in June, with the review itself spanning over two weeks end of October through early November.

The reviewed was based on an H&G developed Basis for Review and review process that is focused on functional expectations of a project at this stage of development. The Basis for Review was shared and agreed with VNG Norge ahead of the review. The review process is flexible adapting to the customers strategies and documentation. It was important for VNG Norge to minimise the disturbance to the team in a busy period of the project. The review was based on existing documents and limited to two days of interviews.

The eight person strong review team consisted of Fenja Partners, io oil & gas consulting and H&G staff and was based in the H&G offices in Stavanger.

Fenja illustration

The Fenja field (Illustration by VNG Norge)

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