ESG Strategy development 

At H&G we combine vast experience from the oil and gas operators/license owners perspective with a growing track record within the renewables sector having recently assisted in the delivery of a number of frontier developments. Straddling both sectors, we are uniquely positioned to support our clients through the energy transition and have actively been developing integrated ESG strategies, that build resiliency to global flux and uncertainty whilst also meeting the demands of investors and shareholders.

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What is ESG?

An integrated ESG strategy should encourage self-reflection around the holistic impact of the company's activities and should be built in such a way that it is resilient to market and societal changes. The ESG strategy, will mitigate risk (which in itself adds value) but should have a direct link to bottom line value through a number of levers. 

Environmental or the ‘E’ in ESG is around the environmental impact and performance of the business. Emissions are one aspect, but it is also about waste, resources and the fundamental consequences on the environment from operating the business.​



Social or the ‘S’ in ESG is focussed on impacts on society at large from the operation of a company's business. It is about how the company are viewed within the communities in which they operate, how that may affect the business and how the company as use their stature to positively or negatively impact society




Governance or the ‘G’ in ESG describes the systems, roles and practices within a company's organisation and how they support robust decision making and drive consistent messaging, strong stakeholder relationships and compliance to laws and regulations.

Our approach

Frame strategy

Establish & consider company value drivers, strategic business objectives, strategy limits/boundaries, market analysis

Establish baseline and set targets

Detailed study of holistic company impact, target setting and integrated strategy development, define roles/responsibilities 

Deliver and optimise

Communications and narratives, KPI's, system integration, governance implementation, feedback and refinement