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A review is an assessment of where you are in relation to your company’s overall aspirations or specific project goal. H&G can help ensure completeness and give our clients access to latest best practise and accumulated knowledge of maturation processes.

Deep dive reviews in one area/topic
Road maps
Analyse status of client`s management systems
Facilitate decisions making
Planning for decisions making
Decision gates, start-up, country entry, finance launch
Specific topic, system, solution, people and organization
Preparing for new activities
A specific goal is defined by client
A specific decision has to be made now or in future
A specific decision has to be made now or in future
The Shop Drawing Review Process_ A Brief Discussion.jpg

Strong experience from business development and reservoir management I Oil & Gas ventures.

Finance and economics of energy ventures

Key competences:

-Management consulting

-Oil & Gas business development


-Reservoir Management

Case study

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