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Building wind power plants in central Norway


TrønderEnergi has long and strong tradition in building and operating hydropower plants. In recent years, the focus has broadened to also invest in, build and operate wind power plants. Some smaller plants have been built and are operating. Now 3 larger plants are under construction in parallel. TrønderEnergi has brought in foreign investors as part of the overall strategy. TrønderEnergi has put together a young and competent team, but the company has not executed large projects for many years. A new aspect is also working with foreign investors and the rather complex corporate agreements that govern the relationship between the parties. These agreements are standard for the wind industry but mostly new for TrønderEnergi.


“We proved the concept that the core principles of project delivery are the same across all energy industries. Scaling to the individual project is, however, required. Leveraging existing client practices and competencies remain key ingredients to get an effective and successful delivery.”

Bernt Granås, Senior Partner, Hustad & Granaas

How H&G assisted

Over 6 months Hustad & Granaas helped to set up the project and meet key obligations of the corporate agreements in a commercially sound way. The work included:

•  Setting up the project management framework
•  Reflecting the agreements between the investors and the different legal entities involved in the project management framework
•  Tailoring TrønderEnergi’s project team, work practices and specialist resources
•  Helping the project managers to implement and operationalise the project management system with all related procedures and
•  Re-estimating the project (re-baselining) at “Ready to Build” as dictated by the agreements
•  Helping the team to convert their experiences from smaller projects to these large projects
•  Helping the team develop the right practices to work with a large foreign investor
On site presence and close dialog with the team members have proven to be key features of the success

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